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Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair

We’ve been specialized in hydraulic component repair services for over 20 years, so you can trust that when it comes to hydraulic component repairs, there is no one better equipped to handle them than HPS Canada. We have the experience and expertise necessary for repairing and rebuilding hydraulic pumps and motors for almost any mobile or industrial applications.

Exceptional technical knowledge that gives you a flexible one-stop shop for hydraulic repairs. Every year we find ways to fabricate and source parts that OEM’s no longer supply or support. Giving us the ability to offer support for not only current models, but obsolete models as well. Furthermore, our repair support covers all most all major manufacturers of components. Contact us for a free quote for repair.

Repair Services:

          Expertly Trained and Experienced Technicians

          Free Quotes for Repairs

          Flexible Repair Options

          Service All Component Manufacturers

          Stringent Quality Control Procedures

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